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Making Eye Bags Less of a Sight on Your Face


Do you want to get rid of those eye bags under your eyes because they usually become the center of distraction on your face? Know the basics of eye bags and how to make them less of a sight on your face.

They make you cringe. Their presence prompts you to remind a photo processing outfit to edit your photo after an anticipated pictorial, hopeful that the unsightly bags under your eyes would just be gone.

Eye bags, however, are a reality, and you only need the patience to know these facts

Why do eye bags occur in the first place? Fluid tends to collect under the eyes, and because the skin in that area is ultimately thin, eye bags become visible. Such condition, however, does not only root from this.

Eye bags may also be hereditary. Weakened muscles cause eyeball-cushioning fats to stick out. Even dark circles under the eyes are also probable family traits, and are profligated by tired eyes, menstrual cases, and even pregnancy.

So, how do you wake up from all these facial nightmares?

Generally, tired and irritated eyes make the puffiness more visible. Fluid retention is tangible around the eyes, and kidney, heart, and thyroid illnesses increase this. And do you know that by just plainly sleeping and lying flat induce more fluid to puddle in your upper and lower eye lids?

Certain medications such as cortisone should be avoided. Allergic reactions to cosmetics, smoke, and air pollution are also unfriendly to the part under your eyes, and thus should also be shunned.

Surgical operations, unfortunately, may be the only one to most efficiently solve the problem. But fret not, for one sleep technique may do the trick for milder cases.

An extra pillow can be your “eye-savior”. Sleeping with your head elevated on it allows gravity to drain the “pooled” eye area, and may reduce the puffiness as a result. And, if all else fails, the beauty shops could still save the day. Opt for a good concealer or makeup bases; they still hide the bags momentarily.

So, it’s never really hope to get rid of those bags under your eyes. With some twists and tweaks, you can make them less of a sight on your face