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Your Guide to Sleeping Soundly Tonight


Ideally, we need eight hours of sleep a day. However, due to work constraints, it seems that we spend more time doing our jobs than catching a wink at night. We all know this is not healthy, and spending sleepless nights will not only hamper our mood during the day, it might also cause insomnia and other sleep problems.

Because of this, we need to maximize our sleeping time. We have to make sure that we will get enough sleep to revitalize us for the next day. Sometimes though, because our body is so used to having irregular hours of sleep, we cannot seem to get ourselves to doze off even if we want to. How can you make sure you will get a worthwhile snoozing session every night?

Here are some things you must consider before you hit the sack:

Temperature: Hot or Cold?

People do not often realize that a room’s temperature is vital for a good sleep. Some prefer it cold, others warm. Find out what temperature you are comfortable with, and you’ll surely be asleep in no time.

Sound: With or Without?

This usually depends if you live in a city, where traffic noise is inevitably part of your background music, or the suburbs, where silence with just a few animal sounds lulls you to sleep. If you’re a city girl and cannot sleep with horns blasting and tires screeching outside, music is the answer. Nowadays, you can choose from a wide variety of sounds including waves rippling on rocks and birds humming.

Lights: On or Off?

While most people typically prefer darkness when asleep, some are more comfortable with the lights on. Which side of the switch are you? If you prefer it off but your roommates want it otherwise, prop a pillow over your head or cover yourself with a blanket.

Room Function and Furniture Arrangement

How your room and bed function is another thing to consider in ensuring a good sleep. Don’t use your room as an office, and your bed as your desk. Reserve it for sleeping. It may be that the reason you can’t sleep is because subconsciously, you are thinking you’re still in a work mode and should not be dozing off.

Ready to Sleep?

Lastly, assess if you’re really ready to fall asleep. Tossing and turning on the bed mean you’re still restless. Counting sheep won’t help you in this situation. Don’t force yourself to sleep – it will be frustrating, not to mention futile. Get up, walk around your room, read a book or drink a glass of warm milk. In a few minutes, you’ll find yourself yawning and yearning to go back to bed.